The Garden Room


This logo was design for one of three restaurant located in the Greenbelt Hilton Hotel in Greenbelt, Maryland. The Hotel has since been renamed, but this logo was used to create the cafe signage (in relief) along with other cafe merchandise. Calla lilies have the most beautiful shape and are so elegant in their simplicity.

Lyon Graphic Design


I love my logo so much I had to publish it here again. This logo took time to design a "lion" that was recognizable, simple and majestic. The lion faces full front and directly and represent a style of design that is simple, clean, and modern. The goal of Lyon Graphic Design is to visually [...]

Our Family Storybook


The logo design for Our Family Storybook represents the elements of genealogy, the family tree and research.  The family tree grows out of a book that represents genealogy research or storybook of family history.

The Wandering Kettle


Ket*tle*ol*o*gy, The Study of Popcorn + Happiness. A Vintage inspired logo.  I quote the Client; "Kettle Corn is the happiest food on earth! The Wandering Kettle is all about Positivity, Happiness, & Building up Communities by giving back as we Wander"

Gordian Compliance Solutions LLC.


The Gordian Knot is a legend of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great. It is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem (disentangling an "impossible" knot) solved easily by thinking creatively. Alexander the Great used creative thinking to "untie" the "untie-able knot" by cutting it with his sword. The second logo image [...]

Evolution Life Science Partners


EVOLUTION Life Science Partners is an investment bank focused on the needs of life sciences and healthcare companies. DNA is the blueprint of life and a foundation of science. Visually, it was appropriate to represent this companies identity as a DNA strand.

ApDot Marketing and Advertising.


Have you heard of the Rider and Elephant metaphor? Direct the Rider (monkey), motivate the Elephant and shape the Path. This logo was developed to illustrate this metaphor as it relates to business practices and how to shape a business culture to maximize efficiency.

Bizzarro Cafe


Bizzaro's Italian Cafe in Wallingford, Washington has an interior decor reminiscent of a circus...along the lines of Cirque Du Soleil. It is Bizarre! I design this logo on my own and does not represent the official Bizzarro logo...but it should!

Greenbelt Hilton


The design for the planned community of GreenBelt, Maryland's Hilton hotel was conceived from the idea from the Pear Trees that grow in this planned community. The logo is also fashioned so that it has a relationship with the Hilton "H" logo design.

K’San Fashions


The imagery for the design of K'sans fashion's logo comes from the owners ties to the 'Ksan village of the Aboriginal people of northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Using the symbols of the tribe, Rainbow Man and Killer Whale and the fashion designers native Indian name of Golden Eagle to represent the identity of the K'san [...]

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